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Where to Sail

Hong Kong’s incredible coastline, islands and beaches provide countless opportunities to sail – most sailors here join a club or use one of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) water sports centres.

The main multi-disciple clubs are the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Aberdeen Boat Club and Hebe Haven Yacht Club, while catamaran and dinghy sailors can also choose from the Hong Kong Hobie Club in Tai Tam and Lantau Boat Club in Discovery Bay.

Where to learn
Once again the LCSD runs dinghy sailing courses at a variety of levels – although these are predominantly in Cantonese. Alternatively, RHKYC, ABC and HHYC all allow non-members to enroll on their dinghy sailing courses – with the RHKYC and ABC running junior and racing courses on class leading Laser dinghies.
Where to store you boat

Of course, land is at a premium in Hong Kong and there are limited opportunities for private owners to store their boats.

The Hong Kong Hobie Club generally has space available as may the Lantau Boat Club, but it’s worthwhile enquiring at the various clubs to see if they have any vacancies for boat storage.



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